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Getting around Vienna

In the City Center:

is an efficient way to get around the center of Vienna when touring the sights. Watch for bikers that share the sidewalk with you.

Alternatively, you can rent a City Bike from one of the many terminals around town.
1st Hour: Free
2nd Hour: 1 Euro
3rd Hour: 2 euro (+previous hours)
4th Hour: 4 euro (+ previous hours)
+ refundable deposit

Vienna has an excellent system that extends to all districts of Vienna. The underground (U-Bahn) and above ground (S-Bahn) trains run from 5 or 6 am to between 12:30 am and 1 am. Busses and trams run from 5 or 6 am to 11 pm or midnight; night bus routes cover the city during off times.
Tickets can be used for all modes of transportation. You can change lines and modes as often as necessary. A single ticket costs 1.80 Euro (Euro 2.20 when purchased on the transport)
Child's ticket: 0.90 Euro (Euro 1.10 when purchased on transport) .

Weekly Ticket:
24-hour ticket: Euro 5.70
48-hour ticket: Euro 10
72-hour ticket:Euro 13,60
8-day ticket (consecutive or non-consecutive and for up to 8 people): 28.80 Euro 
Fine for no ticket: 70 Euro
The useful Vienna Lines website offers the following:
Trip Planner/Route Map:
Ticket details in several languages available for download:

FM 4 broadcasts traffic news in English, and the speed limit is 50 km/hour (30 mph).
Parking: parking in the city can be difficult – parking is forbidden in many sections of the street as indicated by signs reading "Anfang” and "Ende”. To park in districts 1 or 9, you must buy a parking pass from a newsstand, bank or gas station.
Renting Cars: A driver's licence and passport are required unless your licence is in a non-Roman language (in which case you must have an international license). Airport car hire is more expensive but available at nights and weekends.

Car Hires:
Avis City
Opernring 3-5
Budget City
Vienna Hilton
Schubertring 9
Hertz City
Karntner Ring 17

A short trip will cost 5 to 10 euros, while a trip to the airport will cost about 30 euro. It's customary to tip 10%. You can call a taxi or find one at a Taxi Stand (flagging one down in the city center is difficult).
Taxi Phone Numbers:

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