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Property sale in Vienna

For access to the best selection of properties, let At Home manage your property search. Property listings can be sparse in Vienna and many properties sell by world-of-mouth; therefore knowledgeable agents working on your behalf are a fundamental asset. Once you access the best available houses and apartments, you will be rewarded with all Vienna has to offer: a high standard of living, museums and world-famous cafes sprinkled throughout the city.


When making a home purchase in Vienna, consider the needs of you and your family. What sort of district do you want to live in? A busy, urban hotspot or a quiet, residential neighbourhood? Is it important to be close to an international school, parks or a supermarket? Will you need parking? If you have just moved or are about to move to Vienna, answering these questions can be difficult. At Home agents are able and happy to answer these and other questions and will advise you on selecting the best area and property for your lifestyle.


The central districts of Vienna, please make it bold & red)are composed primarily of apartments, with a wide selection of luxury properties in lovely areas. Prices are highest in the high-end 1st district (Innere Stradt). Apartments here can sell for 10,000 to 14,000€ per square meter ($1,350 to $1,890 per square foot). Apartment prices in the districts surrounding Innere Stradtart are about 3,500€ per square meter ($470/square foot).
For a single family home, look in districts such as 13, 18, 19 and 22 which are more distant from the city center. The expat community and international schools are in Districts 19 and 22. Prices here are about 7,000€/sqm ($945/sq ft) for an upscale family home.

Average Apartment Purchase:

Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment in City Centre   3,300.00 € $ 4,190.34 2,836.68 £
Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre   2,600.00 € $ 3,301.48 2,234.96 £
Basic (Electricity, Gas, Water, Garbage)      205.00 € $260.31 176.22 £
Mobile Phone 100 Minutes Call 13.75€ $17.46 11.82 £
Internet (2 Mbps ADSL flat) 30.00€ $38.09 25.79 £

Contract and Legal Advising:

In addition to navigating the districts and neighbourhoods of Vienna, there are the additional legal and taxation issues that may be different from those you are accustomed to in your home country. When finalizing the purchase of a property in Vienna, we will assist with making your offer, signing documents and contracts and understanding current and future taxes.

Our Guarantee:

  • Professional consultation throughout the buying and selling process
  • A range of apartments and houses
  • Professional property evaluation
  • An expat-focused neighbourhood search and consultation
  • Expert advice on closing a deal
  • Tax and legal consulting
  • Negotiations with the other parties
  • Investment consultation in high quality residential properties
  • Developing a financial scheme to suit your needs
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